How She Does It: Embracing your own Path with Today Show Cohost, Savannah Guthrie
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Hey friends! Welcome to Girls’ Night! Today we’re continuing our brand new series on the Girls Night Podcast called, “How She Does It.”  Once a month we do a profile of a woman who’s living a beautifully, unique life and we'll get to hear the behind-the-scenes of how she does it. We’ll also talk about what things she does or, maybe more importantly, doesn’t do to make it all happen! The idea for this series came to me while I was writing my new book, Create A Life You Love, and so I want to read you the passage that inspired it. Over the years, I’ve spent more and more time looking for women who are breaking the mold—creating lives that look like them and feel like them and work for them. And the more I see, the more I notice, the more empowered I feel to create my own life in a way that’s a little different, a little outside the lines, but that looks like me, feels like me, and works for me and my family. — Create a life you love That's my hope for these episodes.  Y’all, I’m so excited about today’s “How She Does it” guest. I’m talking with my new friend, and someone I’ve looked up to… you know… for just about ever — Savannah Gutherie. Savannah is the co-anchor of the Today Show, she’s NBC News' chief legal correspondent and she’s a primary anchor for the network's election coverage. (Casual, right?) Guys, I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this is one of my favorite conversations I’ve ever had. It was so encouraging personally and professionally for me and I know it will be for you too. In this episode you’ll get to hear Savannah’s career backstory — the twists and turns and detours that led to where she is today. I walked away so encouraged and inspired, and I know you will too.  So, you ready to dive in?  Here’s my conversation with Savannah Guthrie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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