Texas Chainsaw Massacre Production Design (with Michael Perry)
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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE production designer Michael Perry created an entire Texas town from scratch.  Learn all about the challenges he faced and the scenes and sets he’s most proud of.  Michael and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss filming with blood, creating an authentic gas station, when to ignore logic in filmmaking, techniques for aging props, challenges of horror movie production design, and that INSANE decapitation scene! Subscribe Now! What you will learn in this episode Balancing practical and VFX blood effects (01:32) Honoring the original film through easter eggs (09:22) Creating a whole town from sets (12:22) Working on a low-budget film schedule (22:17) Creating a gas station from scratch (23:54) Some of the most challenging sets (28:44) When to ignore logic for set design (33:32) Developing story and character through production design (36:28) Techniques for aging props and sets (42:03) Executing the final death scene (46:46) Challenges of horror movie production design (49:10) Go Creative Show is supported by: Filmmaker's Academy - Master Your Craft Use code GOCREATIVE10 for 10% off a membership   Subscribe + Follow Go Creative Show Twitter Facebook Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Podcasts iHeart Radio YouTube Show Links TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE on Netflix TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE IMDb TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE trailer Follow Our Guest Michael Perry’s website Michael Perry’s IMDb Follow Ben Consoli BC Media Productions BenConsoli.com Twitter Instagram  Follow Connor Crosby (producer) Ignition Visuals' website Ignition Visuals' Instagram Follow Dave Siegel (sound mixer) Dave Siegel's website
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