*plays theme from The Office*: David Wallace is on the pod!
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H&M welcome Andy Buckley (Wallace) who, fun fact, played college golf at STANFORD. The gang talk about Andy’s impressive golf career, how he got the role on The Office - while being a financial advisor lol - and so much more. Stick around to here the story of when Andy met his fellow Stanford golf alum, Tiger. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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To wrap up our second season, M&H decided to fly solo and answer questions directly from you! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted a question on social. The ladies talk about best golf advice, the love/hate relationship with the game, best moments on the course and of course … SNACKS....
Published 07/12/23
Published 07/12/23
On this special edition of the podcast, Hally takes solo hosting duties on site at Pebble Beach as Michelle preps for her final professional event! We sit down with USGA CEO Mike Whan, Kira K. Dixon, Big Randy from NLU and Golf Digest contributor Kent Paisley to talk all things women’s golf and...
Published 07/06/23