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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! It's our first country themed night on the podcast, ever! Tonight Mo highlights four callers from the country/continent of Australia. From different parts of the country with different issues to discuss. Let's touch base with our Fil-Aus community as we hear their stories. Advance Australia Fair! Caller #1 is Alex who is 35yrs old from Cairns. Alex is living in with her boyfriend who is near 80 years old. They have been together since she was 29 and she's very honest -- she's with him because she wants a better life financially, she wants a visa to live in AUS, and she wants to inherit his wealth once he dies. Alex has a boyfriend in Cebu and she is starting to get tired of caring for her living-in partner and is tempted to leave it all to be with her true love and kids back home in the PH. Caller #2 is Jose who is 25yrs old from Sydney. Jose has been in AUS for 10 years and he is being bullied and harassed which he feels is because of his thick Filipino accent. The worst part of it is that the ones bullying him are also Filipinos. It’s a sad reality for Jose because all the abuse is making him depressed coupled with anxiety attacks. Caller #3 is Jen who is 23yrs old, also from Sydney. Jen graduated with a Media degree in AUS but she feels like she isnt maximizing her life as she is working part-time at a restaurant. Does she need to jumpstart her career, but she hasn't really identified what she wants to do? Caller #4 is Stella who is 27yrs old from Melbourne. Stella has been a listener of the podcast since her teenage years and she starts th show asking Mo about his advice-giving technique. She then goes on to ask whether she should get involved in the relationship of her friend and his bitch girlfriend. GTWM The Podcast Season 7 is brought to you by the great people at Sharp Philippines! Get yourself an Ultra-High Definition TV from Sharp, you certainly deserve it! Powered by , we will see you on another episode of GTWM tomorrow. Thanks for the download and please support the podcast by donating as little as $0.99 cents via Anchor at: --- This episode is sponsored by · Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew: Former Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL player Andrew East sit down to share their most vulnerable sides and open up like they never have before. Support this podcast:
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