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What a wild week it has been on the Good Times radio show that it's just refreshing to get away from that and do the pod! From KC getting arrested to multiple Cov-19 positive people at Magic, lets just detach ourselves from that and get into some other types of drama. It's GTWM the Podcast Episode 60 and we have some quality conversation lined up for all of you tonight. Let's check the caller list: Caller #1 is Chuck who is 23yrs old from Manila. Chuck wants to know why Filipinos are woke to things happening abroad that doesn't concern them since they are in the Philippines. Should we only care about what happens to us, if it affects us? Or should we have a strong opinion about world affairs even if our daily lives sa PH go unchanged? Caller #2 is Sophia who is 32yrs old from Munich, Germany. Sophia is a St. Teresa College alum and she wants to sound off about Ellie, our caller from Episode 58 who was manipulated sexually by a teacher at STC. She wants to expound that it is an ongoing problem at that school and has been for years. Caller #3 is Pau who is 22yrs old from Manila. Pau's BF has some mental issues dealing with anxiety and it's only heightened by the Covid-19 situation. It has gotten to a point wherein Pau feels like her role is to just listen to her BF complain about life and he is not willing to do anything about it -- like see a therapist. She seems to want to end this relationship but is that the best course of action? Caller #4 is Bea who is 30yrs old from Manila. Late last year Bea was detained by the police for a short time because she was riding a jeepney and conversing with two high school students who ended up having a large amount of drugs in their backpacks. She was cleared of wrongdoing but one of the guys is reaching out to her to ask for her help in their case. Should she help out or leave those kids to rot? GTWM The Podcast Season 7 is brought to you by the great people at Sharp Philippines! Get yourself an Ultra-High Definition TV from Sharp, you certainly deserve it! Powered by , we will see you on another episode of GTWM tomorrow. Thanks for the download and please support the podcast by donating as little as $0.99 cents via Anchor at: --- This episode is sponsored by ยท Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew: Former Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL player Andrew East sit down to share their most vulnerable sides and open up like they never have before. Support this podcast:
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