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Hey Podcast Party People! It's a Saturday night and GTWM is all up in your face with another episode to get your heart and head involved with some of the drama and challenges in people's lives. We have another balanced show tonight so let's check out who the stars of the show are: Caller #1 is Claire who is 35yrs old from Manila. Claire met her younger boyfriend when she was married -- and after leaving her husband, she is now living in with the new guy and they just had a baby. Both her and BF have spent most of their adult life in the U.K., but theyre now in the Philippines trying to get used to the new surroundings, the new baby, a new job, and her 22 yr old boyfriend, theres a lot of adjustments she's making. Caller #2 is Wendell who is 22yrs old from Bicol. Wendell is trying to review for his upcoming boards but ECQ has turned his father into a filthy pig at home. Wendell is trying to not let it distract him but the chores at home are piling up and it's affecting the quality of his life. Caller #3 is Anne who is 31yrs old from Dallas, Texas. Anne feels like her boss is undressing her with his eyes when he looks at her. The attraction is so obvious that others in the office have started to notice. She is also not getting any good projects and she is worried it has something to do with her boss. Caller #4 is Josh who is 26yrs old from Melbourne. Josh, like many, has some Covid-19 challenges that are affecting his young relationship with his LDR girlfriend who is in Vietnam.  Restricted travel due to the pandemic has them struggling to stay together. GTWM The Podcast Season 7 is brought to you by the great people at Sharp Philippines! Get yourself an Ultra-High Definition TV from Sharp, you certainly deserve it! Powered by , we will see you on another episode of GTWM tomorrow. Thanks for the download and please support the podcast by donating as little as $0.99 cents via Anchor at: --- This episode is sponsored by · Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew: Former Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL player Andrew East sit down to share their most vulnerable sides and open up like they never have before. Support this podcast:
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