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It's the last day of July and the start of a long weekend so let's jump into this parade with an awesome episode of GTWM The Podcast, Season 7 Episode 72! There's a little but of a theme going on tonight -- it's about kids, having kids, trying to have kids, failing at having kids -- people want kids and sex equals kids and this is an episode not to be missed. If parenting is something that excites or terrifies you, welcome to a soul crushing show lol. Let's check out the caller lineup: Caller #1 is Marc who is 30yrs old from Makati. Marc's two maids at home are verbally abusing his 7 year old son and he doesn’t know what to do about it. He thinks that if he fires them, his mom and sister will be upset because they have been with the family for a long time. Caller #2 is Stella who is 35yrs old from San Diego. Stella is 7 months pregnant with twins and she is and has always been really horny. She wants to know how safe it is to continue to have sex so she can satisfy her motherly cravings. Caller #3 is MJ who is 24yrs old from Bulacan. MJ wants to get pregnant with her boyfriend of 4 years. They only get to have sex on weekends and while she's fairly young to be a mom, she'd like to ask if there are sex positions that would most likely get her buntis. Caller #4 is She who is 31yrs old from Manila. She called on Episode 66 saying she wanted to get pregnant by her younger fuccboi. Mo was able to convince her to not get pregnant but in the past week, she has had unprotected sex with him twice. She wants to keep him as a friend, how can she do that and stop having sex with him? GTWM The Podcast Season 7 is brought to you by the great people at Sharp Philippines! Get yourself an Ultra-High Definition TV from Sharp, you certainly deserve it! Powered by , we will see you on another episode of GTWM tomorrow. Thanks for the download and please support the podcast by donating as little as $0.99 cents via Anchor at: --- Support this podcast:
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