GT Halloween Special
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Hey Goopies!!! It's the last day to enter our special Halloween Giveaway! You can win a special Zoom call with Maria where you plan a Goop Tales episodes, plus a Goop Tales t-shirt! Simply enter by entering your email on our website and leaving a review on iTunes or a voicemail message for Maria on our website! Visit I will see you in the next Goop Tale!
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Join Hacker the Goop as he inadvertently hacks his way to the inside of supercomputer Fugaku.  He finds himself surrounded by racks of computer parts.  Hacker's curiosity gets the better of him and he takes a piece of Fugaku which sets off an alarm.  Who starts to follow Fugaku making funny...
Published 02/26/23
Accessora loves to accessorize and is always dressed with loads of interesting accessories.  She not only loves to accessorize herself but she loves to accessorize others and that doesn't always go over so well.  One day she pushes it just a little too far with the Screener twins, Screener and...
Published 02/05/23