I Promise to Exercise Every January: Can Data Science Help My New Year’s Resolution?
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It's the post-holiday season and the time when people are focused on self-improvement and getting in shape for the new year. But how do we keep and meet our fitness goals? How many days a week should we exercise? Do diet and food tracking apps actually work? In this episode we explore the data on fitness and health and discover successful strategies for keeping those New Year’s goals.   Our guests: Dr. Michele Patel, clinical psychologist and instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine who conducts research on optimizing digital health interventions for treating obesity. Her latest work focuses on identifying what exactly people should be tracking (such as their steps, diet, body weight) to promote weight loss. Erin Como, anchor/reporter with FOX 5 DC who covers the fitness and food scene in the nation's capital. Erin hosts the popular Cooking With Como series and is a co-host of the new hit show, LION Lunch Hour, airing daily at 11am EST. 
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