Single in the City with Laura Bilotta
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Episode 71 of He Said What features Laura Bilotta, Author, Radio Host, Dating Coach, Matchmaker and Founder of  Single in the City. On this episode we discuss mistakes people make on first dates, how superficial has society become, bringing back old-fashioned dating, learning to love being single, and so much more!
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Episode 73 of He Said What takes a deep look into some of the major lessons I have learned from my guests in 2019. Whether it is loving being single, dealing with rejection, vulnerability, or even starting fresh, this episode gives you the insight into topics we all wonder about. I also answer...
Published 07/08/19
Published 07/08/19
Episode 72 of He Said What features Noah Michelson, the Editorial Director of HuffPost Personal, and the host of the podcast D is for Desire. On this episode, we discuss unconventional relationships, equality, meeting IRL, being independent in a relationship, and so much more!
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