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In this episode, I talk about naseeb and what it means. If something is meant for you, it’ll find you and if it isn’t then it’ll never be yours. I have a guest speaker Hiba who shares her story of an interracial marriage, with her being Palestinian and her husband Pakistani. She gives advice to fellow young Muslims on how to navigate through marriage and matchmaking. Hiba’s instagram: My instagram: _hijabi.diaries Hiba’s email: [email protected] My email: [email protected] --- Send in a voice message:
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In this episode, i give advice on how to balance deen with dunya as a student. what to cut out, fix, and do to ensure ur doing the best for both. insta: @_hijabi.diaries --- Support this podcast:
Published 07/17/24
Published 07/17/24
In this episode, I talk about Malʾak Al-Mawt and cover the basics of who he is, what he is, how he takes souls, etc. --- Support this podcast:
Published 06/24/24