Ep 00: Hollow - Season 1 Trailer
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Introducing Hollow, a new scripted sci-fi horror podcast from Violet Hour Media, distributed by Realm. A mercenary embarks on a corporate mission to track down a rogue leader and encounters the darkness of space, the darkness of colonization, and ultimately, the darkness within herself. Listen weekly, beginning June 20th. Subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. LISTENER WARNING: This program includes depictions of violence and other subject matter that may be upsetting for listeners. Please proceed with caution. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Published 09/12/22
The Violet Hour presents - HOLLOW Episode 13 - Return Amelia returns to the Lunar colonies to debrief her mission to Lodovico. Later, she explores the lunar world she once so desired, but the shine of light is dimmed by an emptiness. Amelia commandeers the alien ship she came in on and goes...
Published 09/12/22
The Violet Hour presents - HOLLOW Episode 12 - God Amelia and Kurtz finally meet. Her questions throughout the journey are answered. About Kurtz, about his rule on this planet, the secret and ancient powers of the first ones here and finally about the nature of the universe itself. But as...
Published 09/05/22