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Nobody has any idea what they’re doing. Ever. Homecoming was directed by Eli Horowitz; written by Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz; produced by April Lamb; sound design and mixing by Rich Bologna; editing by Kate Bilinski; episode music by Billy Martin; recording and opening theme by Mark Phillips; casting by Henry Russell Bergstein; production coordination by Jordan Sirek. Homecoming is a production of Gimlet Media.To read The Lost Coast, the serialized companion novel, go to apple.co/homecomingHEIDI BERGMAN -  Catherine KeenerCOLIN BELFAST - David SchwimmerAUDREY TEMPLE - Amy SedarisTHOMAS CARRASCO - Aaron Serotsky BECKY MURDO - Alia Shawkat JACOB GRAVY - Michael CeraRENZO KONTINA - Chris GethardLEON SANDS - Kelly AucoinWALTER CRUZ - Oscar Isaac
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Published 11/15/19
Published 11/15/19
Alex Blumberg sits down with the stars of the Homecoming  TV show-- Julia Roberts and Stephan James, and director Sam Esmail-- to talk about how they came to the project and what it was like to film it.This is the final part of a four-part mini-series on the making of the Homecoming TV show.
Published 11/02/18