Davina Smith joins Deb in an intimate and revealing interview to discuss her experience with postnatal depression, Jo Abi talks about kids birthday parties and Sandy Rae attempts to give a better understanding of the disconnect some mums have with their new babies.
Published 06/25/18
Deb speaks with guest Kerri Sackville, who had a marriage break down after 17 years and is now back on the dating scene, Jo Abi talks about teaching the kids to look after themselves and our favourite psychologist Sandy Rea discusses how many scheduled activities our kids should be committed to.
Published 06/18/18
In this episode of Honey Mums Deborah Knight is joined by Jo Abi to discuss spending one on one time with her kids, psychologist Sandy Rea talks about how to stop your kids from swearing, and Nine journalist Amelia Adams joins the podcast to discuss her new role as a foreign correspondent for Nine.
Published 06/12/18
On our second episode of Honey Mums, Deborah Knight is joined by Jo Abi to discuss her son's new obsession with his hair, psychologist Sandy Rea talks about what to do if you find out your child is a bully, and Jody Allen from stayathomemum.com.au talks about how she deals with the chaos of the morning school run.
Published 06/04/18
Deborah Knight brings us her first Honey Mum's podcast, joined by Jo Abi to discuss friendly fraud, psychologist Sandy Rea teaches us how to make it easier for kids to come to us with their problems and Erin Molan shares her inner feelings about  becoming a mum.
Published 05/29/18