The Voice of Yvette Nicole Brown
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Yvette Nicole Brown has done…just about everything! Community, Avengers: Endgame, Family Guy, Lego Star Wars…the list goes on and on.   Yvette, Christy and Will discuss the intricacies of life and career. How did she get her start? Who is her favorite co-star of all time?! Plus…details on her new animated series “Firebuds” and secrets of the V.O. world!  There’s no better way to prepare to be a “voice” than to hear the voice of someone that’s done it so well.   See for privacy information.
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Published 12/05/22
Will is live at the Fan Expo in San Francisco where he is joined by the legendary voice over actor Steve Blum! Steve talks about his Guinness World Records, Wolverine and how free pizza started his voice acting career. Plus, Will and Steve have some fun doing impressions with members of the...
Published 12/05/22
Kim Possible is possible again as Will and Christie are reunited with Lauren Tom!  Lauren reveals the real reason she left live-acting for animation and shares some tips as to how to survive in the land of voice.  Plus, Will tells Lauren what special title she holds in his voice acting...
Published 11/28/22