Grace Jones (w/ Janelle James)
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Janelle joins us in conversation about her icon, Grace Jones! Janelle reveals the moment she realize Grace was an icon, why there couldn't be a Grace Jones today, and ultimately, which man could sleep with Halle Berry on a bed of diamonds. Plus, Ayo discusses Jim Carrey and Olivia talks Kenan Thompson. Enjoy!
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In the last episode of the season, it's just Ayo and Olivia as they discuss all of their favorite icons! From Judy Greer, to Tim Meadows, even to friend of the pod, Ziwe! All that and more, listen now!!
Published 08/19/20
In a mini-sode presented by Betterhelp, Ayo and Olivia check in with each other about how they're doing and their mental health during this unusual summer. And of course, if you're looking for help during this time, feel free check out Betterhelp. You can get get 10% off your first month...
Published 08/19/20
Lebron James! Hayes Davenport joins us in conversation about his icon, Lebron James! In our longest episode yet, Hayes discusses exclusive information concerning the "Space Jam" sequel, the Vine kid who said Lebron's name, and Lebron's obsession with high school. Plus, Ayo and Olivia discuss...
Published 08/05/20