Episode 78: Let Old Debts Be Forgot (w/ Liza Treyger & Julia Olson)
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Liza Treyger (The Degenerates, Late Night with Seth Meyers) and Julia Olson visit Jon and Luke's pal's NYC studio for a deep and pretty high (on Liza and Luke's part) dive into spending money vs. saving. Later, Julia laments her days as a conservative Swedish Christian and Liza goes after Offset and anyone who smokes on a plane. Also, people who mock extroverts via Instagram meme get some shade.  Watch Liza's half hour on Netflix's THE DEGENERATES and follow her on @glittercheese Listen to Julia's podcast “Not the Mama with Auntie Julia” and follow the show @notthemamamedia Executive Producer: Jon Perry Logo by Graham Wallace Music by Doug DeLuca
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