Duff Goldman on Coping with Self-Doubt | The (Definitive) Mental Health Toolkit
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Chef Duff Goldman started his career baking cakes for order in his apartment kitchen. Today, he’s the owner of the famous Charm City Cakes bakery, the star of multiple of Food Network’s most-watched shows, and a New York Times bestselling cookbook author. In this Mental Health Toolkit episode, Duff tells Alex how he grew his incredible career from scratch, and what he does to manage the self-doubt that creeps in despite all of his success.  You can watch this and all of our episodes on our Imposters YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UComlJdfRZdWvee9fDljRIkw/featured  Learn more about Ac+ion alkaline water here: https://www.actionalkalinewater.com/us/en-us/  Full transcripts for all Imposters episodes available at https://imposters.morningbrew.com
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