The launch of the Unitary Patent package – Towards a truly European patent system
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The launch of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a momentous occasion for patent enthusiasts across Europe. With anticipation building for years, this new system promises to revolutionize patent litigation and enforcement. Gertie Schouten, Journalist, interviews Johanna Flythström, Partner at Roschier. Gertie and Johann discuss the popularity of the system in different sectors, as well as the role of national IP courts, the German dominance at the UPC and the question when the first fundamental UPC decisions can be expected. The UPC Case Law Tracker offers a powerful resource to stay informed about the latest developments in UPC jurisprudence. Learn more about the UPC Case Law Tracker. This podcast episode is part of International Law Talk. Wolters Kluwer will bring you insightful analysis, commentary, and discussion from thought leaders and experts on current topics in the field of International Arbitration, IP Law, International Tax Law, Competition Law and other international legal fields. Music tune: Scuba, Metre. #internationallawtalk
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