How effective breathing can transform your game – Andy Mathews #299
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Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by Andy Mathews from Neuropeak Pro The Lost Art of Golf 2 day school at Archerfield Links with Karl Morris and Gary Nicol  The ULTIMATE interactive learning experience at the ULTIMATE location It is a fascinating story. Andy is a tournament player himself and relates how understanding HOW to breathe more efficiently made such a difference to his game Since joining Neuropeak Pro he has become the breathing coach to many of the worlds very best players including Viktor Hovland and Jordan Speith We discussed the mechanics of effective breathing and what it does for your game Why most people are breathing incorrectly Why the rate you breathe is so important How your breathing is like a metronome for your brain either giving signals to avoid or pursue  Controlling the STRESS response Why your physiology will determine how well you can co ordinate your movements How effective breathing can help the response to poor shots How to train your breathing in a systematic way with just 10 minutes a day Make SIXTY good breaths a day and you will totally reset your system Understanding the importance of Heart Rate Variability  The difference between trying to control your breathing as opposed to trying to control our breathing  How breathing is the link between conscious and unconscious processes How better breathing can transform our sleep The application of effective breathing in other sports and how it can influence RECOVERY The THREE foundations of effective breathing A really insightful conversation with so many practical applications to your game To get the Neuropeak Pro Go to When you check out put in the code mindfactor The code will also gift purchasers 1 year of the in-app members, regularly $49.99 USD per year, for free.   BUILDING STABLE CONFIDENCE – THE NEW PROGRAM To get your copy of the brand new program with Raymond Prior and Karl Morris It will truly make a BIG difference to your development  Link to buy: Building Stable Confidence   Become a Mind Factor Coach - Early Bird Offer 2024 Mind Factor Certification Course             
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