More on the Yips – Jim Waldron #308
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Today we welcome back onto the Brain Booster my good friend Jim Waldron. Download Mind Caddie for hundreds of short audio lessons and exercises produced by Karl and start improving your mental game the same way as six major champions:  Download Mind Caddie Here Jim has had a BIG input on players who listen to the show and I wanted to get him back to talk at more length about a subject that is unfortunately very relevant to a LOT of golfers the YIPS. We had another wonderful conversation about how to dig yourself out of the doldrums if you are being affected by the yips in certain parts of the game. We discussed why the yips are becoming more and more prominent these days. Why an overload of technical input can be so damaging to your game How poor chipping concepts are often the cause of the yips to start Why we tend to fall into the trap of extremes Being able to find the ‘middle way’ How your unconscious mind is trying to PROTECT you from outcomes Separating your sense of self from golfing outcomes How golf can be a vehicle for psychological transformation Letting go of the sense of ‘I am not good enough’ Peer group approval  and why it is hard wired into us The journey of golfing evolution The process of self contemplation A wonderful conversation with a truly great coach who has made such a difference to golfers and their experience of the game To find out more about Jim Waldron go to BUILDING STABLE CONFIDENCE – THE NEW PROGRAM To get your copy of the brand new program with Raymond Prior and Karl Morris It will truly make a BIG difference to your development  Link to buy: Building Stable Confidence                
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