The War King by Rose Caraway
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Happy Monday, LuridListeners! Today's KMQ episode is HOT! HOT! HOT! And, it's lovingly dedicated to my husband--the sexy man who has provided me with countless moments of steamy inspiration. This one's for you, Big Daddy.                            "Another shipping crate came in the overnight drop box of the antique shop and Lucy can barely wait to read it. This is the fourth ancient journal to mysteriously arrive at her shop and she has become obsessed with the graphic writings of a man who existed during the Medieval Era. Today, however, Lucy will find more than another leather-bound, handwritten journal inside the mysterious crate, and her erotic life will never be the same." Thank you so much for your continued love and support, LuridListeners. For more stories, subscribe to the KMQ, or head over to Audible and search Rose Caraway. There you will find volumes of fun inspiration. I hope you all enjoy!!   Love Always, Rose
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