Cloud Native Security Con with Emily Fox
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Emily Fox is a security engineer @Apple Cloud Services, a CNCF Technical Oversight Committee member and co-chair for a bunch of CNCF events including recently the Cloud Native Security Conference in Seattle. We had a chance to talk to Emily about the first edition of the CNSC 2023, her involvement with the CNCF community. Her role as a security engineer and some career discussions.   Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: - web: - mail: [email protected] - twitter: @kubernetespod   News of the week KubeEdge v1.13.0 released on January 18, 2023, achieves SLSA 3 compliance SLSA 3 compliance KubeVela brings software delivery control plane capabilities to CNCF Incubator GKE Updates: Balanced compute classes are now offered in GKE Autopilot GKE Autopilot now supports exposing randomly assigned host ports for pods GKE has started offering ephemeral storage with local SSDs Added support for Windows Server 2022 nodes AWS announced the availability of AKS anywhere on Snowball Edge Devices Sysdig released their 6th annual Cloud Native Security and Usage Report. Rebooting the Cloud Native Hamburg community group KubeCon EU Amsterdam Schedule Katacoda Kubernetes tutorials shutdown LFX Internships for WASMEdge Kubernetes Community Days (KCDs): Upcoming CFP deadlines: KCD Italy CFP closes February 20 2023 (in-person) KCD Czech + Slovak CFP closes March 1, 2023 (in-person) KCD Bangaluru CFP closes March 20, 2023 (in-person) KCD Zurich CFP closes March 31, 2023 (in-person) KCD Colombia CFP closes March 31, 2023 (in-person)  Check out upcoming KCDs that might be in your region: Sponsorship opportunities are available Donation Prospectus available for review KCD Israel 2023, Mar 23, 2023 KCD LA, Mar 9, 2023 KCD Pakistan (Islamabad), February 20, 2023 KCD Netherlands (Amsterdam), February 23-24, 2023 KCD France (Paris), March 7, 2023 KCD Los Angeles, March 9-10, 2023 KCD Ukraine Virtual Fundraiser, March 16, 2023   Links from the interview Emily Fox: Twitter Linkedin Cloud Native Security Con Youtube Playlist How to Secure Your Supply Chain at Scale - Hemil Kadakia & Yonghe Zhao, Yahoo eBPF CIA Triad Waterfall development podcast Rory McCune on twitter Software Supply Chain Security Emily Fox on SBOM Emily Fox on SDLC Shift Left Security: Best Practices for Getting Started Episode 196 with Benjamin Elder CNSC 2023 seattle guests David Wolf Eric Knauer Liz Rice Mitch Connors   Josh Knarr Nick Young Taylor Dolezal Frederick Kautz on SPIFFE/SPIRE Chris Aniszczyk's Blog The Falco Project Cilium Tetragon Pixie Aviatrix Keylime Google Anthos Beyond Cluster-Admin: Getting Started with Kubernetes Users and Permissions - Tiffany Jernigan Standardization & Security - A Perfect Match - Ravi Devineni & Vinny Carpenter, Northwestern Mutual CSI Container: Can You DFIR It? - Alberto Pellitteri & Stefano Chierici, Sysdig   Links from the post-interview chat Cloud Native Security Con Eu 2023 CNCF TOC
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