Breaking Kubernetes for Fun and Profit with David Flanagan
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David Flanagan is a developer, educator and technology enthusiast with a special interest for Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies. David is the founder of Rawkode Academy, an online platform aiming at teaching kubernetes to developers. One of the popular shows on RawKode is Klustered. Where david invites people to fix broken kubernetes clusters, learn a thing or two and have a laugh   Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: - web: - mail: [email protected] - twitter: @kubernetespod News of the week Istio Ambient Mesh merged into the main branch Kubernetes 1.27 changes and removals to redirect Preview support for pod sandbox on Azure Kubernetes Services Katacontainers Docker apologies for handling Free Teams deprecation Schedule for CNCF-hosted and colocated events is up Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet CrowdStrike Discovers First-Ever Dero Cryptojacking Campaign Targeting Kubernetes Links from the interview David Flanagan Twitter Linkedin RawKode Academy Klustered How Spotify Accidentally Deleted All its Kube Clusters with No User Impact - David Xia You probably DON'T need a service mesh Klustered episode with Abdel and Marek Docker first release at PyCon 2013 KubeHuddle 2023 Toronto Kubernetes Failure Stories Kubelete runOnce flag Cilium Hubble Telnet Talkers Teamrock MUD's eBPF  
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Paris Pittman is a Senior Program Manager at the Open Source Program office at Apple. A Prominent Kubernetes and CNCF member who served many roles with a focus on community and governance. Paris was on some key milestones for this show. First appearance was on Episode 1 and later on Episode 100....
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Published 04/24/23