Kubernetes 1.27 Chill Vibes, with Xander Grzywinski
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Xander Grzywinski is a Senior Open Source Product Manager at Microsoft and the Kubernetes 1.27 release lead. We interviewed Xander to explore some highlights from the release, and discuss a bit about what it’s like to work with the release team. Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: - web: kubernetespodcast.com - mail: [email protected] - twitter: @kubernetespod   News of the week Traefik Labs Launches Traefik Hub Software Supply Chain Security Assessment: Prometheus Argo CD CNCF Spring 2023 Cloud Native Ambassadors Updates to the Auto-refreshing Official CVE Feed What’s New in Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization 4.12 Azure Kubernetes upgrades and Long Term Support KubeCon SHANGHAI, CHINA is back on Sept 26-28, 2023 CFP Closes on June 18, 2023 KubeCon NA takes place on Nov 6-9, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois CFP Closes on June 18, 2023 KubeCon EU 2024 takes place on Mar 19-22 in Paris, France Introducing Sessionize: a new CFP platform for CNCF events Manage Amazon EKS Clusters with New VMware Tanzu Mission Control Features Google Cloud turned profit for the first time according to the earning call of Q1 2023   Links from the interview Xander Grzywinsk: Twitter LinkedIn Pod Security Policies KEP 753: Sidecar containers Kubernetes 1.27 Release team Kubernetes 1.27: Chill Vibes Freeze k8s.gcr.io image registry Kubernetes Vertical Pod Autoscaler Kubernetes Removals and Major Changes In v1.27 Kyverno — verify Kubernetes control plane images Kubernetes 1.27: StatefulSet PVC Auto-Deletion (beta) Kubernetes 1.27: Query Node Logs Using The Kubelet API Kubernetes 1.27: Efficient SELinux volume relabeling (Beta) Kubernetes 1.27: StatefulSet Start Ordinal Simplifies Migration Kubernetes 1.27: Introducing An API For Volume Group Snapshots Kubernetes 1.27: Quality-of-Service for Memory Resources (alpha) Kubernetes 1.27: Vertical Pod Autoscaler supporting in-place updates Kubernetes 1.27: Server Side Field Validation and OpenAPI V3 move to GA Kubernetes 1.27: More fine-grained pod topology spread policies reached beta Kubernetes 1.27: Single Pod Access Mode for PersistentVolumes Graduates to Beta Kubernetes 1.27: HorizontalPodAutoscaler ContainerResource type metric moves to beta   Links from the post-interview chat GKE Workload rightsizing
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