Kubernetes 1.28 with Grace Nguyen
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Guest is Grace Nguyen. Kubernetes 1.28 release lead and student at the University of Waterloo. Grace had to juggle exams and community work to bring Kubernetes 1.28 to life. We will get to know grace and learn what work went into release, where the theme come from and what's special about it Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: - web: kubernetespodcast.com - mail: [email protected] - twitter: @kubernetespod News of the week Docker Desktop 4.22 is live The CNCF announced the End User Technical Advisory Board The Go community released v1.21 Configu raised a $3M pre-seed round Links from the interview Grace Nguyen LinkedIn X Kubernetes SIG-Security Kubernetes 1.28 Planternetes API Awareness of SideCars Native SideCar containers in Istio pkgs.k8s.io: Kubernetes Community-Owned Package Repositories Expanding support skew between control plane and node components Non-Graceful node shutdown Pod replacement policy for Jobs (alpha) Match conditions for admission webhooks Feature graduations and deprecations in Kubernetes v1.28 Kubernetes 1.28 webinar. Sept 6th 2023 9am PDT Kubernetes 1.29 PR to assemble team Kubernetes 1.29 shadow program is open Kubernetes 1.27 release lead Xander Grzywinski Links from the post-interview chat Beta support for enabling swap space on Linux SideCars handling is the most popular issue on kubernetes tracker Reddit conversation about native SideCars Native SideCars explained
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