History of containerd, with Phil Estes
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This week we explore the history of containers, particularly containerd, with Phil Estes.   Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: - web: kubernetespodcast.com - mail: [email protected] - twitter: @kubernetespod   News of the week Notary Project announces a major release! (Blog)  Kubernetes Legacy Package Repositories Will Be Frozen On September 13, 2023 (Blog) Gateway API v0.8.0: Introducing Service Mesh Support (Blog) Amazon VPC CNI now supports Kubernetes Network Policies (Blog) Introducing VMware Tanzu Developer Portal: Empowering Developers with Enterprise-Grade Backstage Google Cloud Next page Google Cloud Next Blogs Google Cloud Post-Next Videos KubeCon NA 2023 Schedule Rig.dev startup (Blog)   Links from the interview Docker Containerd Chroot (archlinux wiki) Linux namespaces (Linux man page) runC announcement (2015) runC on Github Containerd project creation announcement (2016) Containerd donation to CNCF announcement (2017) Containerd graduation announcement (2019) Container Runtime Interface (CRI) Kubernetes SIG Node Dockershim debacle (kubernetes.io blog) Dockershim deprecation FAQ (kubernetes.io blog) Mirantis-owned cri-dockershim on Github Open Container Initiative (OCI) Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) CoreOS (“What was CoreOS” blog by RedHat) Rkt (“What is Rkt” blog by RedHat) Kinvolk BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar Case Study on Google Cloud gRPC gVisor Kata Containers Docker && WASM with Justin Cormack (Docker CTO) on the Kubernetes Podcast from Google WasmEdge (A Wasm runtime) CRI-O (lightweight container runtime for Kubernetes) Containerd scope and principles nerdctl: Docker-compatible CLI for containerd Docker Buildkit github.com/container-image, github.com/container-storage Podman Skopeo Firecracker microvms Intel Clear Containers Hyper.sh Open Infrastructure Foundation OpenStack Cloud Native Rejekts “Face off: VMs vs. Containers vs Firecracker” by Alex Ellis at Cloud Native Rejekts EU 2023   Links from the post-interview chat   Keynote: Reperforming a Nobel Prize Discovery on Kubernetes - Ricardo Rocha & Lukas Heinrich Keynote: CERN Experiences - Ricardo Rocha & Clenimar Filemon Jesse Frazelle’s container escape challenge used to be at contained.af, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Containers from Scratch - Liz Rice at GOTO 2018 (there are a bunch of recordings of this talk) Mirantis-owned cri-dockershim on Github  
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