“My Fourth Time on Las Cultch” (w/ Julio Torres)
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It's finally that time: Julio Torres has come back on the podcast. For the 4th time? You tell us! They unfold a world of Disney, fitness classes instructors subtweeting you to your face, dinner party etiquette (do not invite Julio!), the unpretentiousness of OMG Fashun, and how to use the bathroom at Animal. The sisters also take time to re-name Matt while also taking time to acknowledging that seeing a film at Sundance is a mess. It's an important episode because Julio is BACK (for the 3rd time??? Hard to say!) And of course, three engaging IDTSH's! Get into it! Fantasmas (on MAX) & Problemista (in theaters & VOD) are both out now so WATCH THEM NOW!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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