I Love You, Mexico! (¡Te Amo, México!)
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It's the final episode of Season 3, so let's admit it: we haven't been fair with Mexico during our podcast's lifetime. Yes, we've talked about the Aztecs, but we've also talked a lot about the border issues, El Chapo, and other negative circumstances in the beautiful country of "El Águila Real" (the Royal Eagle). But it's time to redeem ourselves.In this special DUAL NARRATOR season finale, we meet Ana and Oliver, who join forces to discover the beauty, magic, and power that Mexico has in eve...
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Published 06/04/24
Do you like tea? Sure, maybe. But have you ever tried (or seen someone else try) yerba mate? Mate goes beyond just a drink. It goes beyond the English tea time or that of other cultures. It's something which is almost... spiritual, you know?Having started as a tradition among the Guarani people...
Published 05/28/24
You know of the Panama Canal (we already talked about it in Season 1 if you didn't), but you probably had no idea that a second canal has been in plans for a very, very long time now - one that passes through Nicaragua (that's north of Panama).But the delays haven't just been a problem of...
Published 05/21/24