Episode 11 - How to Pitch a Legal Tech Startup
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It’s the start of a new semester here LexLab, which brings with it a fresh cohort of legal tech startups. To welcome our five new companies, we hosted Maya Markovich, Chief Growth Officer at Dentons Next Law Labs, to help our cohort build the perfect...
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Deepfakes allow a person in an existing image or video to be replaced with someone else's likeness. As the technology to create these synthetic media becomes more accessible, how much of a danger is it to our political process? Shane Glynn, who teaches...
Published 10/09/20
Published 10/09/20
As legal operations becomes increasingly prominent in businesses, how are corporate legal departments and vendors adapting? Suzanne Miller of Hewlett-Packard and Amy Manning of LawGeex discuss this question and offer advice from their experiences.
Published 09/24/20