Fullsend’s Mastermind: Working with Kyle, Building Happy Dad & Joining NELK (John Shahidi)
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John Shahidi is the secret mastermind behind fullsend, happydad and Nelk! From humble beginnings to working closely with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather. Earnings from his business ventures are estimated to be around $800 million & Today he’s here to share the secrets behind his success! ________________________________________________ 00:00 Intro 01:22 Happy Dad Taste Test 01:36 What's Your Role Within The Nelk Empire? 03:34 How Did You Meet The Nelk Boys? 04:10 Bridging The Creator & Business Gap 10:01 Meeting Floyd Mayweather 15:25 Do Powerful Connections Require Luck? 17:34 Creating The Money Team With Floyd Mayweather 18:18 What Is Happy Dad? 20:00 Why Happy Dad Is Dominating 21:13 Selling Out Stores With 0 Marketing 24:05 Happy Dad's Growth Strategy 27:46 Do Big Businesses Understand Creator Brands? 30:08 This Is How Much Work Success Requires! 35:16 Happy Dads Corporate Structure 39:33 Do You Argue With Kyle, Steve & Steiny? 40:54 Why Did You Choose To Work With Nelk? 43:58 The World Is Changing 46:16 Steiny VS Jake Paul On The Full Send Podcast 48:06 Why I Stopped Managing Jake Paul 51:26 Why Strike It Big & Full Send Is Different 55:58 SteveWillDoit's Channel Ban 1:01:17 How Elon Musk Is Creating 'The Everything App' 1:07:48 Rumble VS YouTube 1:10:40 Social Media Is Becoming Evil Record Labels 1:14:32 What Do You Look For In A Podcast? 1:17:37 Is Happy Dad For Sale? 1:21:02 How Did You Fund Happy Dad? 1:23:30 How Do You Competitors Perceive You? 1:30:51 The FullSend Meta Card 1:38:40 The future of AI and VR (debate) 1:47:09 Work-life Balance for Entrepreneurs 1:50:43 How to Make Important Decisions in Business 2:02:02 Steiny’s Podcast: One Night with Steiny 2:04:35 Why Your Podcast Will Fail 2:08:10 What’s Next for Full Send & Happy Dad? 2:10:29: When Is Enough, enough? 2:12:55 Inspiring the Next Generation of Creators
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