Locked On Mavericks - Daily Podcast On The Dallas Mavs
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Nick Angstadt and Dana Larson discuss the Dallas Mavericks' upcoming season, focusing on players with the most to prove. They highlight Klay Thompson's need for a fresh start after a disappointing end with the Golden State Warriors and his potential impact on the Mavericks.
Published 07/19/24
Nick Angstadt & Slightly Biased discuss the next steps for Luka Doncic. Can Naji Marshall do more than replace Derrick Jones Jr? Can Derek Lively II be the Mavs defensive anchor? And why did the Mavs Summer League team fall short?
Published 07/18/24
Nick Angstadt asks a big question for every player on the Dallas Mavericks. Have Luka Doncic & Kyrie Irving peaked separately or as a duo? How can Klay Thompson help them take another step? Will Klay hold the Dallas Mavericks back defensively?
Published 07/17/24