Bonus Episode: The Making of Love Matters With Evelyn Sharma
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In this episode, the Love Matters team tell you all about the making of this podcast series on love and relationships. From how the DW and Indian Express collaboration came to be and how we worked together to bridge the culture gap to how we handle sensitive issues, we discuss it all and everything in between. Tune in.
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In the season finale of Love Matters, we return to the controversial topic of interfaith relationships in India. Such unions are rare: Less than 2% of couples who tie the knot are from interfaith backgrounds. Inter-religious relationships are often shunned, and those who are vocal about...
Published 12/08/21
Published 12/08/21
Dating, relationships and finding love can be tough. But people with disabilities (PWDs) have their own set of challenges when trying to couple up. A lack of accessible spaces, as well as judgement and stereotyping from potential partners, strangers and friends, are just some of the obstacles...
Published 12/01/21