Balancing a career and motherhood ft. Yasmin Karachiwala
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Women face enormous pressure to not only raise their children to be the best they can be and run their homes smoothly, but also to stay on top of their careers as if they had never given birth. Between these demands, many grapple with feelings of guilt about going back to work post-pregnancy and find there’s a lack of workplace support. Some two thirds of working women in India struggle to resume their careers after starting a family. In this episode, we hear from Pooja, a mother of two trying to decide whether she can go back to work — but would that mean abandoning her children? And, if she doesn’t, will she give up her chances of ever returning to the workforce? Evelyn, who is a working mom-to-be, is joined in this episode by celebrity fitness trainer and mum Yasmin Karachiwala to talk about her journey balancing the two careers and to hear her tips for new parents. Have any thoughts on the episode? Or would you like your question or concern featured on the show? Write to us at [email protected] Show notes: Evelyn Sharma’s Instagram: Yasmin Karachiwala’s Instagram: Executive Producer: Melanie von Marschalck Lead Producer: Jennifer Collins Producer and Lead Research: Sana Rizvi Assistant Producer: Nicolas Martin DW Format and Product Development: Laura Döing Sound Engineer: Thomas Schmidt Editorial Support: Snigdha Sharma, Anant Nath Sharma, Shashank Bhargava
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