The Appeal of Appellate Law: Oral Advocacy, Puzzles, and Knowing When to Quit
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Many people enter law school or practice with one ambition, only to find it's not quite what they envisioned. For Raffi Melkonian, his initial fascination with corporate law faded quickly while he was at Cravath, a global law firm that allowed him to pivot to litigation. Today, Raffi is an appellate lawyer in the U.S Fifth Circuit and Texas. He provides an overview of what appellate work entails, from writing briefs to presenting oral arguments -- and his meticulous preparation for both. While corporate takeovers that make the front page of the Wall Street Journal may be some lawyers' best fit, the legal puzzles he gets to solve with each new case appeal to him. Raffi is a graduate of Harvard Law School. This episode is hosted by Katya Valasek. Mentioned in this episode: Learn more about Rutgers Law Idaho Law Learn more about Idaho Law Learn more about Rutgers Law Learn more about Vermont Law Idaho Law Learn more about Idaho Law Access LawHub today!
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