"Monkeys with laptops" - the (hi)story of applying AI in real life with Denis Rothman - 014
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In this "extra" episode, our guest is Denis Rothman, who is an Artificial Intelligence Specialist. He has spent 40 years in this industry, he is the author of the book called "Artificial Intelligence by Example". He is a teacher, a speaker, and an exceptional expert. He has a very special view on what software development is and how to build-up systems that may or may not use artificial intelligence. We believe he is one of the brightest minds we have ever talked to.
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In this episode, our guest was Balázs Kégl, the head of AI Research at Huawei Paris. We were talking about ML projects from the organizational point of view. We talked about the relationship between technical and non-technical people, and why are there so many POC projects why only a few of them...
Published 12/14/20
Published 12/14/20