Viktor Klang: Condensing The Codebase Over Time
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Robby speaks with Viktor Klang, Deputy CTO at Lightbend Inc. They discuss how to avoid constant firefighting, effective usecases of TODO and FIXME comments, and how to create a safe space for developers to make mistakes.
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Robby speaks with DHH, the creator of Ruby on Rails and CTO of Basecamp/HEY. They discuss how legacy software should be seen as a victory and celebrated, some of Basecamp's engineering teams processes between new features/updates and handling maintenance-type work, the benefits of new versions of...
Published 10/04/21
Robby speaks with Matt Wynne, who is currently a co-lead of Cucumber Open and a BDD Advocate at SmartBear. They cover an introduction to Cucumber and how it fits into a software team's toolbox, the importance of reliable tests and speedy tests for quick feedback loops, and why teams struggle to...
Published 08/02/21
Robby speaks with Tom Granot, Solution Engineer at Lightrun. They discuss producing content for technical (and non-technical) audiences, why consistency in your communication style matters, and the importance of good bug reporting and resolution.
Published 07/19/21