Know Thy Self: Emotional Intelligence
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Self awareness is the sense of an ongoing attention to one's internal states. In this self reflective awareness mind observes and investigates experience itself, including the emotions. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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My Grand Father, Chaudhari Prakash Chand was working at the New Egerton Mills in Dhariwal, Gurdaspur, Punjab. Protested against proselytism by the Britishers in 1920 & subsequently lost his 1st job for establishing the DAV school. Survived attempts on his life at the age of 20 yrs. The...
Published 08/16/21
“Looking without seeing” is the most common error that most humans make daily. Our attention is distracted or preoccupied with other thoughts. The obvious in front of us is sometimes missed whereas the reaction to the situation or the call out is as per SOP. Pointing and Calling refreshes our...
Published 05/18/21
Air India Express IX1344 accident at Calicut airport where the aircraft plunged 35 meters killing 21 people including the pilots. The victims were transported to various hospitals in ambulances and private vehicles. While ambulances are equipped with life saving medical equipment, the Co-Pilot...
Published 05/17/21