How To Glow: Tips For Marriage and Beyond with Kayla Levin
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Kayla tells the story behind her popular podcast, How To Glow  (formerly First Year Married) and how she became a life and marriage coach. Kayla and Jenna chat about how Kayla helps anxious and insecure newly married (and not so newly married) women become confident and connected through her coaching work. In doing so, they uncover some universal truths about living a happy and fulfilling married life.  Click here for all things Modern Jewish Girl Sources: @firstyearmarried 
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Published 01/27/22
Published 01/20/22
We all go through challenges. I’ve been going through a several-year challenge and when I came upon a recent Torah teaching, it gave me a lot of comfort. Then it seemed like everywhere I turned, I was learning new insights into how to grow through pain and suffering. I share these lessons on the...
Published 01/20/22