8. Thinking Beyond Interactions: Omnichannel Experiences and CX (feat. Kim Salazar, Sr. UX Specialist at NN/g)
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What does it take to create a great customer experience? As it turns out: a lot more than just a series of great interactions. Kim Salazar, Sr. UX Specialist, shares her expertise on what omnichannel experiences are, why they matter for CX, and how having a mature CX means fundamentally changing how we view and handle UX work. Resources cited in this episode Ep. 1 - What is UX, anyway? (feat. Dr. Jakob Nielsen, the usability guru) (our inaugural podcast episode) Operationalizing CX: Organizational Strategies for Delivering Superior Omnichannel Experiences (142-page report) CX Transformation (full-day course) Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs (full-day course) Kim's Articles & Videos (NN/g bio) Other related articles & videos What is Omnichannel UX? (2-min video) User Experience vs. Customer Experience: What’s The Difference? (free article + 4 min video) Good Customer Experience Demands Organizational Fluidity (free article)
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