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It's Bandcamp Friday this week! And we have a 50% sale on everything on the Hotflush Store. Head over there and cop some amazing limited edition vinyl. Use the code nov50 to cop that discount. We are late and in a confused state on the podcast this week... where are the guests?! That's the question I've been asking too over the last 10 days or so. But luckily there have been developments in the Bandcamp story and there's lots to talk about there, so I have taken the opportunity to do so. The trade union movement is so emotive isn't it? We get into that side of things in detail this week, possibly too much detail. And additionally, we announce this year's Pledge Drive! It starts next week so don't worry too much about it now... but if you're not already a supporter then the coming weeks will be the time to get started. This month's show on SWU FM is here. If you're into what we're doing here on the pod then you can support the show on Patreon! There are two tiers - "Solidarity" for $4 a month, which features regular bonus podcasts and extra content. And "Musicality" which for a mere $10 a month gets you all the music we release on Hotflush and affiliate labels AND other music too, some of which never comes out anywhere else. Plus there's also a private area for Patreon supporters in the Hotflush Discord Server... but anyone can join the conversation there in the public channels, so please do! Listen to all (most of) the music discussed on the show via the Not A Diving Podcast Spotify playlist Follow Scuba: twitter instagram bandcamp spotify apple music beatport
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D:U:LIVE is coming in June! My first live shows since 2013.... London / Bristol / Manchester - all tickets: Is it possible for the music to do the talking in 2024? Maybe, but probably not the extent that Paranoid London managed it for the first few "vinyl-only, no interviews"...
Published 05/21/24
Published 05/21/24
D:U:LIVE is coming in June! My first live shows since 2013.... London / Bristol / Manchester - all tickets: Ceri is a DJ, producer, Find Your Own Records label owner, and Find Your Own Sound music production masterclass host. A former resident of the legendary after hours...
Published 05/14/24