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Description FREE Access is your best place for all the resources you need to not only survive, but to THRIVE in nursing school.  Instead of reading hundreds of pages to learn heart failure,  we will walk you right through the whole story of how things work.  We will also highlight all the need-to-know information, cutting the fluff so you can focus on what really matters.   And now, you can watch our incredible video content for FREE.  With our new Free Access, you can watch 10 minutes of video EVERY single day.   You can test it out now, entirely free, at    Just wait until you see your grades start to soar while you build a deep understanding that will give you ALL the tools you need to be an amazing nurse. FREE Access  
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I almost killed my patient. In the days after my scary event I spent hours and hours thinking through what I had done.   I knew my ABCs, I had prioritized everything I was supposed to, how could things have gone so horribly wrong…   See our full lesson on Prioritization at   ...
Published 02/20/24
Them: "How can we help?" Me: "I don't know . . ." This is a conversation I've had countless times over the last year.  If only I had some sort of ailment that could be SEEN and FIXED . . . why can't it be a broken arm?  A simple cast would "fix" the problem in just a matter of weeks.  With...
Published 02/15/24