The Tortured Players Department
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In an effort to celebrate Taylor Swift's new album The Tortured Poet's Department, Charlotte and Amin preview this weekend's slate of playoff games with a new segment called The Tortured Players Department. Together they make a case for the saddest players on each playoff team, from Rudy Gobert on the Timberwolves to Anthony Davis on the Lakers.  Charlotte and Amin then talk to Jeff Stotts about injury-plagued play-in teams before closing the show with a segment called Heat Check. In an ode to the improbable Finals run by the Miami Heat last year, they rank play-in teams on the likelihood that they will make it all the way to the championship games.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Amin's pumped for the NBA Finals, but the Timberwolves threw a wrench in things by beating the Mavericks and avoiding a sweep. They played so well that even Draymond Green had to give them props on "Inside The NBA," despite his usual beef with Rudy Gobert. Bronny got invited to 10 team workouts,...
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The Celtics are going to the NBA Finals, Jaylen Brown won the ECF MVP, and Charlotte is ecstatic. Amin questions her confidence since they had a hard time against the Indiana Pacers without Tyrese Haliburton and now will have a tougher battle against either the Minnesota Timberwolves or the...
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