Korach - Sinai
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As many of you may already know, Rabbi Wolpe has been a guiding light and an inspirational figure in at Sinai Temple for over 26 years. His profound wisdom, compassion, and dedication touched the lives of our community nurturing their faith and fostering a sense of belonging. Throughout his tenure, he has consistently delivered thought-provoking sermons that have brought comfort, insight, and a deeper understanding of our shared faith. Listen to Rabbi David Wolpe finish his journey at Sinai Temple as Senior Rabbi by giving an intimate sermon about his most impactful memories while serving this community.
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Saturday, November 18 at 9:00 a.m.  Ziegler Sanctuary Shabbat Service
Published 11/19/23
Rabbi David Wolpes 2nd to last sermon given in Ziegler Sanctuary
Published 06/17/23