Episode 30 - Self Sacrifice
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The battle of Caston continues.  Will King Richard and his allies finally succeed in conquering the island fortress?  Time is running out.   That's it for season 1 of Orona.  Thank you to all of you who have written nice reviews.  Come say hi on Intagram @adamjamesbooks.
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Published 12/19/20
I'm finally back in the studio!  Sorry for the delay everyone.  Thank you to so many of you for those nice messages and 5-star reviews.  You keep me going!  Life is crazy, my family has the Coronavirus, and I've never been so busy with work.  I wish I could write these full-time, but I can't.  I...
Published 06/10/20
The large army finally arrives in Middleland at the fortified city of Caston.  King Richard debates with the other kings and queens about when the attack should begin.  Thanks for all those nice 5 star reviews.  Come say hi through my Instagram...
Published 11/26/19