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A semi-canonical tale about Christmas spirit… and Christmas spirits. What lurks in the past, and what is yet to come? CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings/the paranormal, blood, the occult, alcohol Emily Kellogg as Claire Alex Nursall as Judith Ian Boddy as Owen Taylor Davis as Austin Bird Theme music by Phil Wright Recorded at Pirate Toronto Presented in partnership with the Frequency Podcast Network. You can find us and all the other Frequency podcasts at Extra voices provided by Kyle Anderson and Ryan Des Roches. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @parkdalehaunt.
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Welcome to the Parkdale Haunt Q&A episode, where Alex, Emily, and Ian answer listener questions, talk about our thoughts on S1, and debate chip flavours and wine preferences. For those that listen through to the end, there’s also a big ol’ bunch of bloopers from the S1 recording sessions....
Published 04/09/21
W EL COM E                                     HO M E                                                                           CL A I R E   CONTENT WARNINGS: Hauntings, possession, the occult, blood, violence Emily Kellogg as Claire Alex Nursall as Judith Ian Boddy as Owen Carson...
Published 10/30/20
Still no word from Claire, and Judith and Owen are starting to really feel the stress of the shifting recordings. An unsettling recording from Adam doesn’t give them much closure either. Whatever is causing this, it’s decided that it’s had enough, and Judith and Owen better watch out… But it’s...
Published 10/26/20