2.6 Athena Presses On
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Cockpit recording, computer game, past misdemeanors. Visit passengerlist.org to see a script and full list of credits for “Athena Presses On” and join the investigation. Passenger List Season 2 was created and directed by John Scott Dryden; sound designed by Steve Bond; with music by Mark Henry Phillips. “Athena Presses On” was written by Meghan Fitzmartin. Passenger List is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. KAITLIN – Kelly Marie Tran RORY – Ben Daniels MAI - Elyse Dinh KEIN - George Q Nguyen CONOR - Akie Kotabe MARIANNE - Carlyss Peer PETRA - Laurel Lefkow ZARA - Gianna Kiehl OTHER VOICES: Laurel Lefkow, Jennifer Armour, Raad Rawi, Christopher Ragland, Eric Meyers, Munirih Grace, David Menkin, Danielle Lewis, Karl Queensborough, Eric Sirakian, Clare Corbett, Kerry Shale, Gianna Kiehl, Akie Kotabe, Chris Kelly, Philip Desmeules, Merk Nguyen.
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