How to Survive A Pandemic
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My long awaited interview with Dr. Michael Greger is finally here! We were scheduled to discuss his book How Not to Diet but then Covid19 hit putting the brakes on that interview thus bringing a very relevant topic to the forefront, pandemics. For those of you that know of Dr. Greger I need not explain to you just how amazing his work is. However, there are some that may not know of Dr. Greger, I’ll do my best to paint a picture for this segment of the audience. Dr. Greger is a devoted physician with a highly energetic and vibrant personality! He’s also an author and an internationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health issues. He’s an altruistic human as well. For example - all of the proceeds from his speaking engagements and the sale of his books, are donated to charity. He also has a 501(c) nonprofit called and it’s the first science-based, non-commercial website to provide free daily videos and articles on the latest discoveries in nutrition. Dr. Greger truly embodies the saying – people over profit! His book How Not to Die has positively impacted millions of lives worldwide, mine included. If not for the fact that I immersed myself into that book, I might not have been able to make the changes in my lifestyle that ultimately saved my life, yeah, that impactful! In fact, whenever a new client asks me where to start, one of the first things that I recommend is either reading or listening to, How Not to Die. But in this episode, we discuss his latest work – How to Survive a Pandemic. Being an expert on infectious disease, Dr. Greger is highly versed on this subject and he shares with us some valuable insight and evidence based science, that could change the way you look at things. So, grab a pen and a notepad and be prepared to hit rewind a few times because the knowledge is impactful and will leave you with a new perspective on a very important subject. My sincere hope is that you enjoy this discussion on How to Survive a Pandemic, with Dr. Michael Greger. Peace Love Plants ~Marco Special Guest: Dr. Michael Greger. Sponsored By: The Phytogenic Chef™: Enter discount code PLP15 to receive 15% off of The Phytogenic Chef™ plant-based meal planner. Promo Code: PLP15
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