How To Recategorise Your Friendships
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Wondering why you are always getting disappointed and hurt within friendships? Sometimes we call people our friends who are actually not our friends and we put people in higher positions in our lives than they belong, when we start recategorising our friendships we can start to see clearly who people are to us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 06/20/23
Every time I heard someone say that I was too picky or my standards are too high I would get triggered and rightly so but the problem is people don't seem to differentiate between having high standards and having expectations. In today's episode we deep dive into Your Dealbreakers, Your...
Published 06/20/23
Childhood experiences can have a significant impact on our lives as adults. The relationships we form, the challenges we face, and the environments we grow up in can shape our beliefs, behaviors, and emotional responses. Positive childhood experiences such as a nurturing family, a stable home...
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