85. Blue Zones & How to Add 10 Years to Your Life with Dan Buettner
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Dan Buettner is an award-winning journalist and producer at National Geographic who has spent most of his life identifying and studying “blue zones” - the 5 areas of the world where people live the longest, with the lowest disease rates. Today he’s telling us all about how a plant-based diet ties into their health and longevity.   Show Notes: Dan’s unique stories from his many quests and expeditions with National Geographic Dan’s experience with archeological expeditions What is a blue zone? How Dan discovered the 5 blue zones and why they got the name “blue zones” The characteristics the people in blue zones Carbohydrates: the confusion and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them The difference between good and bad carbohydrates How the Standard American Diet came to be How the Standard American Diet ended up including so much added sugar Why it can be so difficult to make diet changes even when we know something is bad for us The role our environment and community play in our health Blue zone-like habits that you can incorporate into your life without travelling anywhere Why Dan transitioned into a plant-based lifestyle as a result of studying blue zones How to make it easier for others to make more plant-based diet choices The importance of surrounding yourself with people that inspire your health goals Some simple guidelines for adopting a healthier, plant-based lifestyle A little challenge for you to start incorporating healthy, delicious recipes into your life long-term Evidence-based tips to get young, picky eaters to eat vegetables Healthy cultural ways of eating that we should take note of About Dan’s new book Thank you to our sponsors Caraway Home and Yai’s Thai (use code PLANTPOWER at checkout for 20% off at yaisthai.com)   Resources: Dan’s books Dan’s Instagram Dan’s Website Plant-Based On a Budget Holiday Resources World of Vegan Holiday Resources
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